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Latest S.M.A.R.T. System improvements

Posted on 8th February 2017 by Brooke Morkham-Calvert

Check out the latest improvements to the S.M.A.R.T. System!

Online CICs

  • We have improved the overall experience to ensure you can now easily swap between Online CICs and Anywhere on smartphone without needing to log back in.
  • We have resolved an issue to ensure all client data is being displayed if you are using both Online CICs and Customised Forms.
  • If you create a new client in Online CICs and it does not successfully synch with Fusion, a "Refresh" button will appear. You can click this button to synch the data with Fusion.
  • When you create a client record in Fusion, it will now be available in Online CICs instantly.
  • We have improved the wording in your Site settings page, to make it easier for you to understand how to give staff access to Online CICs outside of business hours. The instruction next to the field now reads: “Allow access during business hours, plus [x] minutes before and after business hours".

    CIC Before After Business Hours

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • When you upload a photo to Online CICs, the correct date will appear next to the image.
    • You can successfully log out of Online CICs.
    • You will not see a “Home” button if you are only using Online CICs, and not Anywhere.


  • We have made some major improvements to the look and feel of Anywhere.
  • We have improved the overall experience to ensure you can now easily swap between Online CICs and Anywhere on a smartphone without needing to log back in. 
  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • You can now view the client history if you are using Anywhere in Chrome.
    • The first time you log in with your PIN each day, the Client Search screen will appear. When you log out and log back in again on the same day, you will be taken back to the screen you were on earlier that day.
    • You can view the menu options for the last appointment of the day, without them being cut off.
    • Your team members with the role “Employee” can access Anywhere.
    • You can reschedule appointments in Anywhere.
    • You can move appointments if you are using Anywhere on a touch screen device and are zoomed in. 
    • When you click “Today” on the Client History screen, it will take you to the correct day based on your time zone.
    • The “Home” button links through to the home page.
    • You can book a service that is 15 minutes in length, at the end of the day.
    • You can log out of Anywhere.
    • You will not see a “Home” button if you are only using Anywhere, and not Online CICs.

Online Booking

  • You can now copy your upfront payment settings across multiple sites on the BookME Settings and mylocalsalon Settings screens. Watch this video to find out more.

    Upfront Payments Copy Rules Option

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • Clients are now required to enter a name, with no numbers, when registering for or editing their details in Online Booking.
    • The “School” theme can be selected on the Company Settings screen.
    • The “Earliest booking allowed” setting works correctly if it is set to “Hours”.
    • When you are configuring upfront payments, the site dropdown menu works correctly.


  • We have resolved an issue to ensure all new clients can make a booking through mylocalsalon.
  • You can now add the following product brand logos to your mylocalsalon profile: minetan, ECOTAN, Olaplex, Eternal Cosmeceuticals, EyEnvy, Eyeslices, RA Cosmetics, SoapRocks Australia, Bearded Chap, Curtis Collection, Evo – Fabuloso, Mr Smith, Skin Juice, Trichovedic, Oribe, R+Co, Layrite, DNA Organics, Balmain, Bite, Cocolux, CPR, Arbonne, Urban Tribe, Kitoko, ID Hair, Vu Tan, ParaLuxe, Bella Lashes.
  • We have improved the look and feel of the booking process to indicate to clients that upfront payments will be taken via Paypal, so they will be assured that their payment will be secure.

    Upfront Payments MLS


  • When your clients pay for a product or service using loyalty dollars, they will no longer accrue loyalty points.
  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that you can now search for clients who have more than one Loyalty card.

Call Centre

  • We have improved the performance of Call Centre. It will now automatically refresh every minute.

Ratings and Reviews

  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that your guests can share their feedback on Facebook after they have completed a rating or review.

S.M.A.R.T. System Console

  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that when you update user profile information on the Manage Users screen, it will be saved.

Paperless Forms

  • We have improved the look and feel and overall experience of Paperless Forms to improve the flow when you are navigating between the Photos, Client History and Form History screens. 
  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • You can add client history notes to new clients.
    • Your clients can sign their signature digitally if you are using Paperless Forms on a Samsung device or Windows Phone.
    • Your clients can’t accidentally enter more than two characters when entering the day as part of their date of birth.
    • If an employee has reviewed a form that has been submitted, it will be shown as “Completed” on all devices.

Set & Forget Marketing

  • We have made some improvements to the stability and performance of Set & Forget Marketing.
  • We have made an improvement to the way you apply styles in your Drag 'n' Drop editor. You can now choose whether to apply styles to all areas or just specific elements.

    Apply To All
  • We have improved the user friendliness of the Drag ‘n’ Drop email editor by increasing the canvas size.

    Set & Forget Marketing Increase Canvas Size For Drag And Drop 3


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