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Latest Shortcuts Fusion improvements

Posted on 10th February 2017 by Brooke Morkham-Calvert

We have released some updates to Shortcuts Fusion. These changes affect your Shortcuts system, as well as your S.M.A.R.T. System.

These updates will take effect when you use Shortcuts Updates to upgrade to the latest version.

Version no: 8.0.22

If you have any questions please call us on 1300 667 374.

New and noteworthy

  • You can now set up a surcharge that will automatically apply to transactions on specific days such as public holidays or Sundays. Want to learn more? Watch this video.

    Surcharge Via Days

  • You can now set up a promotion based on the start time of the first eligible service. Want to learn more? Watch this video.

    New Promotions Setting


  • We have improved the performance of Shortcuts Fusion to ensure it always loads outside of your business hours.
  • If you experience a brief S.M.A.R.T. System outage of less than 15 minutes, you will not see a notification popup.
  • You now create and restore a backup of your system if your file size is more than 4GB.

Client Profile Cards

  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that your Client Profile Card will now print on one page.

End of Day Wizard

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • The End of Day Wizard will now show the correct “Last End of Session” date and time.
    • Shortcuts will no longer crash when you click the “Transactions” button after you have entered the total takings for the day.
    • You can now see all of your active payment types in the End of Day Wizard.
    • The End of Day Wizard has been amended to take into account outstanding petty cash.


  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that when you use the Auto Clock Off Employee feature, tips will now be calculated correctly.

Point of Sale

  • If you have two or more registers, you can now choose whether or not to allow a negative till balance.

    Allow Negative Till Balance

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • If you are using multiple terminals, you can now print receipts quickly from any terminal.
    • We have ensured that only eligible clients will receive tax exemptions.
    • You can now sell a product with a quantity in decimals when the product’s purchase units that are set to litres.

      POS Decimal Point

    • The time on receipts will now be correctly displayed as 12pm instead of 12am.
    • You can now delete items from the transaction history screen, until the point where you have completed the End of Day Wizard.
    • The quantity of received orders will now be displayed correctly in the POS Tax Report.
    • If you are using Global Loyalty, you will now always see the Global Loyalty button in Point of Sale.
    • If you modify a transaction, delete a visit or change a stocktake entry, you will no longer be prompted to give a “Reason” if you have not configured this setting.
    • You can now let clients use a gift certificate to pay for part of a group transaction.
    • All payment types can now be refunded.
    • We have changed the debit card icon so that it shows “ec” instead of “e” to improve the international understanding of this icon.

      New Efpos Icon

Stock Management

  • We have resolved an issue to ensure the Minimum Order Quantity will no longer incorrectly be populated with the Current Value On Hand.

Call Centre and Global Clients

  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that if you access a client record at a new site for the first time, the client’s marketing preferences will be appear correctly.


  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that promotions will now no longer be applied to days which have been set as “Not Available”.


  • All appointments are now colour coded in Anywhere according to their status, to match the colour coding in Fusion:

    Removed Renamed To Modified

    • Normal – forest green
    • Needs review – yellow 
    • Confirmed – aqua
    • Cancelled – burgundy 
    • No show – red 
    • Arrived – blue 
    • Checked out – grey
    • Clash – apricot 
    • Modified – gold
    • Service waiting – blue/yellow
    • Service started – blue/brown
    • Service finished – blue/grey
  • You can now change the status of an appointment in Anywhere.


Online CICs

  • You can now filter the client list for the employee logged in, and all clients visiting on today’s date will be displayed.
  • When you are viewing the client list, can now to see which employee will be completing which services. 


  • When you are viewing the client list, can now to see which employee will be completing which services.


  • You can now choose to display loyalty program name, card number, loyalty points and rewards on your clients’ receipts.

    Loyalty Points On Receipt

  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that when you sell a Loyalty card at a particular site, the client’s loyalty details will now be available across all sites.

Appointment Book

  • We have improved the colour legend in the Appointment Book, as well as the appointment status on the touch tip, for appointments that have been modified. These will now be shown as "Modified" instead of "Removed".

    Modified Update  In Touch Tip - Appt Book

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • If you have rostered an employee on outside of business hours, their appointments will no longer be shown as clashing.
    • You can now select a resource when you make a booking through the Appointment Assistant.
    • If you take both walk-ins and appointments, the Appointment Book will now be shaded if a time slot is reserved for walk-in clients.
    • If you are using optimal booking markers, you can now smoothly navigate between days in the Appointment Book.
    • In your configuration settings for your Appointment Book, “Show warnings in service selection screen” will now read “Show warnings during booking process”.
    • If you are filtering the Appointment Book by employee, you can now move an appointment by right clicking, choosing “Select” and moving the appointment.
    • You can now see a client’s service history in the Service Selection screen when “Service by employee” is selected.
    • If an appointment has been cancelled or moved via Online Booking, this will now be accurately reflected in the Appointment Book.
    • When you are printing the day’s appointments page, service names will now be displayed for services that are 15 minutes long, unless your business hours are longer than 13.5 hours.

Walk-in Manager

  • Employees will now be shown on the bottom bar of Walk-In Manager as soon as they have been taken into account for wait time calculations, and cannot be removed unless their rostered finish time has passed.
  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • You can now move a visit to “In service” when your client is paying with a gift certificate.
    • If you are using multiple terminals, several users can now add visits simultaneously.
    • If a client uses Self Check-In to create a delayed visit, they will no longer be shown as having requested a specific employee if they have not requested a specific employee.
    • You can now create a visit that is “In Service”.

Client History

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • When you view a visit note, the date and time of the note will remain as it was before you viewed it.
    • The Client History will now be displayed on the Client Dashboard in chronological order.
    • If you try to upload an invalid image file, Shortcuts will no longer crash.

Upfront Payments

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • The “Outstanding on Account” heading now correctly reads “Account in Credit” on the Client Dashboard.
    • The icon on appointments with upfront payments has been changed.

Merge Clients

  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that you can now view visit notes for merged clients.

SMS Confirmations

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • If you have invalid mobile numbers in your database, this will no longer prevent confirmations from being sent to clients with valid mobile numbers.
    • Confirmations will now successfully be sent if you have chosen to send them one or more business days in advance.


  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • The correct rebooking percentage and count will now be displayed in the Employee Performance Summary - Extended Report.
    • If an expense has been voided at Point of Sale, you will now see the correct values on the Expenses Report.

Service Setup

  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • If you have employee levels set up for a service, you can now view the correct finishing block.
    • You can now update the price of services with contraindications, without it reverting to the previous price.


  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • You can now access the roster screen via the employee card, if the employee’s alias has a space at the end.
    • You can now setup a roster for the employee when labour forecasting is enabled.

Credit Card Integration

  • If the credit card terminal is offline, you will now see a message asking you to confirm that the authorisation code they have entered is valid and correct before proceeding.
  • We have resolved the following issues:
    • You will now no longer be able to re-process a payment that has already been completed while offline, when the system goes back online.
    • If you are using more than one terminal, credit card payments will now be processed smoothly.


  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that if you close the notification popup it will not appear again.
Brooke Morkham Calvert

about the author

Evolution Specialist and trainer extraordinaire, Brooke Morkham-Calvert is dedicated to providing Shortcuts clients with the support they need to make using Shortcuts as easy as possible. Having worked at Shortcuts for more than six years, Brooke knows the software inside and out, and has all the insider tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Shortcuts.

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