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Posted on 13th September 2016 by Brooke Morkham-Calvert

Check out the latest updates to Shortcuts Live!

Appointment Book

  • We have made an improvement to the Shortcuts Live Appointment book that will allow you to Reschedule your clients appointments. You will be able to select a client's appointments on a given day and easily move all service blocks to any other day.

Recheduling Appts1

    • We have improved the way the touch tip menu is displayed in the Appointment Book. You will now always be able to see and access any item on the touch tip menu.
    • The Shortcuts Live Appointment book is now compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
    • An issue has been resolved in the Appointment Book where breaks are wrongly displaying “Booking in Progress". This has been corrected to show the appropriate break text. 
    • We have made an improvement to the appointment book to show appointments created on or after 11.59pm. These appointments will be shown on the current day as well as the following day’s appointments.


    • An improvement was made to Security in Shortcuts Live. You can give or remove access to a user’s security role to make bookings in the appointment book against a shift that is marked as 'non-bookable' or scheduled off.


    • A new configuration setting has been added in general settings for employee requests on appointments. If this setting in turned on, all bookings made will have the requested employee flag assigned to the booking.


    • A user will now be able to easily search for a client record by toggling between a site or company search.
    • We have resolved an issue where customers could not be created because a mobile number could not be entered when it was required.


    • A new video has been added to the “HELP” area in Shortcuts Live, "Setting up an employee." 


    • The warning message informing the user that there are no availabilities within the selected search criteria can now be easily viewed when using a mobile device.  


    • We have improved the user experience when using the MySalonApp. The services menu no longer scrolls automatically when collapsing a service category.


    • It is now possible to select a date range and export review information from your Spotlight dashboard.
    Brooke Morkham Calvert

    about the author

    Evolution Specialist and trainer extraordinaire, Brooke Morkham-Calvert is dedicated to providing Shortcuts clients with the support they need to make using Shortcuts as easy as possible. Having worked at Shortcuts for more than six years, Brooke knows the software inside and out, and has all the insider tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Shortcuts.

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