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Is your data under lock and key?

Posted on 7th May 2015 by Fleur Murphy

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How many times have you given out your personal details online without batting an eyelid?

From online shopping, to social media, to simply working day-to-day on a computer, digital information sharing has become so commonplace it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security.

The truth is, when we spend so much time in the digital world, it’s more important than ever to keep your information safe online.

Here are our top tips to ensuring your valuable data is under lock and key – and stays there.

The issue: Looks can be deceiving

Scammers these days are getting smart. They’ll do anything they can to convince you they’re legitimate, and aren’t about to rip you off or steal your life savings. Scam emails often look like the real thing – for example, some scammers will send you an email that looks just like one your bank might send, and even clicks through to a page that looks just like your bank’s website.

The answer: Take a closer look

So how do you tell the difference between an offer from a trusted source, and a scammer who wants to steal your hard-earned money? One key thing to remember is that a legitimate business will never send you an email asking you for your password. If they do – beware! Don’t click on the email, and contact the real business immediately to let them know there is a potential scam around.

The issue: You’ve lost everything

We’ve all been there – you’ve been run off your feet all day, you’re struggling to find the time to breathe, let alone take a proper break, and BAM! your computer dies. Along with it goes every single appointment and transaction you’ve made that day – if you’re lucky, that is, and you remembered to back up the previous night. Otherwise you could easily have lost weeks’ or even months’ worth of essential business data.

The answer: Back me up!

Automated backups can be a lifesaver when your computer crashes, or when faced with theft or damage to your hardware. With BackMEup, your valuable data will be is backed up off-site every few hours, and can be retrieved with just one phone call to Shortcuts. This saves you from having to remember to back up daily.

The issue: Everyone knows your login

A little while ago you were forced to let a team member go, because they just weren’t performing. Now you’ve discovered they’ve been logging into your system and changing things, just to be spiteful.

The answer: Mix it up

The solution here is as simple – and complicated – as changing your password every month. If you’re finding it hard to keep track of all your logins, try storing your details in a highly secure, encrypted password bank.

Fleur Murphy

about the author

Fleur Murphy is a strategic thinker and marketing expert with a passion for the hair and beauty industry. With her drive to build strong brands, Fleur has helped businesses across Australia achieve tangible results from their marketing activities. At Shortcuts, Fleur focuses on strategies to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their business technology.

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