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Posted on 3rd February 2015 by Paul Rose

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I’m the hostess with the mostest, the front-of-house superstar whom everyone relies on to keep the wheels of the business turning. I run the reception desk like a well-oiled machine, and am always conscious that this is where the client experience begins. So what exactly makes me so great? I have all the star qualities that make up the ultimate front desk person.


I have real personality

I’m bright, I’m bubbly and I’m positive, and I know what’s going on in the world: the latest headlines, fashion news, celeb gossip, holiday hotspots and everything clients like to chat about. I always keep track of what’s going on in their world too, using their client card in my software system. This lets me take note of their likes, dislikes and interests – perfect for a quick read just before they arrive. I also have a smile etched onto my face, showing everyone I have the energy and enthusiasm to deal with anything that comes my way.


I can listen, and talk!

As the ultimate front desk person, I have to be able to listen. I always concentrate on what clients are telling me, before I do the talking. If something needs the attention of our manager I’ll make sure they know about it. If something comes up that affects the client’s appointment today I’ll make sure the stylist or colourist is properly briefed. I’m the best messenger in the salon.


I have great attention to detail

I believe the devil is in the detail. I want our business to be as successful as possible, and know that to achieve this we need to keep client information up to date. Thankfully, our software makes this easy; it shows me when important details are missing so I can capture them when the client arrives for their appointment. I know that email and SMS marketing work so well… but only when you have the correct email addresses and mobile numbers on file!


I’m not afraid of being wrong

As good as I am at my job, I know I’m not perfect. I’m always learning new things and picking up new ways of doing things better. I’m backed up by a software system that keeps up with me, and is constantly evolving with new features to help me streamline my work. For example, I love my new arrivals screen, which helps make managing clients a breeze. It displays a list of all the clients who should be arriving shortly, and lets me quickly check them in as they arrive. Features like this save me valuable time throughout the day, which means I can focus on all the other tasks at hand.

Paul Rose

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Paul has over 15 years' marketing experience working in different industries, with particular emphasis on using data to create measurable campaigns. Joining the Shortcuts UK team in 2009, Paul executes a variety of marketing strategies throughout the UK & Ireland.

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