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Rebooking tips from the top

Posted on 18th February 2015 by Madeline Maguire

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Great, you’ve snagged a new client. Now you just need to keep them coming back for more! You probably know it’s cheaper to keep a client that obtain a new one; that repeat clients spend more on average that one-off visitors; and that to keep them coming back, you should be focused on getting rebookings, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy process.

That’s why we’ve enlisted some of our top rebookers to spill their secrets for success.

Why is rebooking important for salons?

To me, rebooking is a way of delivering the highest level of customer service. It's extremely important to our salon because without effective rebooking, our clients who require specific days and times for their appointments have a much more difficult time getting in when it suits them. Plus, as a salon owners, we feel successful seeing the appointment book filling up a few weeks in advance.
- Guy Gorguillo, Solé Salon & Spa

What’s the best way to get a client to rebook?

It all comes back to client service and a personalised experience for each and every client to get a client to rebook. It’s the details that count: remember his name, his favourite beverage, take notes on how he prefers his haircut, listen more than you talk, ask what his needs are and meet those needs, etc. But, you can do all that right at still get it wrong. The single best way to get a client to rebook is… ASK!
- Ben Davis, The Gents Place

How do you motivate your staff?

Occasionally we hold contests to motivate our stylists and remind them to have their guests prebook for their next service. We use “prescription pads” for each client where the stylist can recommend retail products and let the guest know how many weeks the stylist recommends between the next appointment so that they can more easily maintain the colour and cut of the style. Most helpful has been our policy of each stylist keeping track of their daily income and the number of guests who have rebooked. Shortcuts has made this incredibly easy to do with their reporting functions. To help each stylist, we hold weekly coaching sessions where we discuss the number of clients who rebooked and ways to increase their percentages, like using salon technology to increase customer satisfaction.
- Tricia Snyder, Medusa Salon

How has Shortcuts helped you?

The Shortcuts rebooking prompt feature is a great help to us as it ensures that even if our front desk staff aren’t there, whoever is checking out the client will never forget to book the next appointment. I love that you just can’t miss it.
- Deanna Norrdin, Clippings Hair Design

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