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The Beauty of Text Messages

Posted on 3rd March 2014 by Paul Rose

Beauty Of Text

Did you know, every single month 350 billion text messages are sent around the world? That’s a huge figure; to put it into context, that’s each and every human on the planet sending about 50 messages per month!

As we are all so glued to our mobile phones, there’s no doubting that text messages are one of the most effective ways to reach people quickly.

Unlike email, you can be sure that text messages are seen by your clients fairly instantly – research shows that nearly four in 10 people check their phone at least every half hour.

Text messages also mean that you don't have to interrupt your clients during the day with a phone call, when they are likely to be busy.

Many businesses, from salons and spas through to vets and mechanics, are also using SMS technology to remind their clients about appointments.

The most effective type of SMS reminder is of course the two-way variety that allows clients to reply ‘yes’ to confirm their appointments. Unlike a one-way message, asking clients to actively engage and commit to their appointment with a reply text message has been found to dramatically reduce the number of clients who don't show up for their appointments.  

In fact, some salons have reported an 80% drop in the number of no-shows since implementing two-way text confirmations.

Lost revenue from no-shows has long been an issue for many salon and spa owners. If your salon has just five no-shows per week, with an average value of just $45 per service, that amounts to $11,700 every year in lost revenue!

Imagine what you could achieve if you could invest that money elsewhere in your business!

Paul Rose

about the author

Paul has over 15 years' marketing experience working in different industries, with particular emphasis on using data to create measurable campaigns. Joining the Shortcuts UK team in 2009, Paul executes a variety of marketing strategies throughout the UK & Ireland.

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