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Why selling is caring

Posted on 29th July 2014 by Lisa Conway

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Selling has a bad reputation these days, but if a product will help a client achieve the look they’re after, is recommending it selling to them… or simply caring for them and their hair? 

I often hear the argument that staff should be there to help people feel good, not to push them to buy product, but in reality the two are so closely related that you can’t do one without the other.

Nobody wants to be sold to, but we do all love to be looked after and pampered, and your clients come to you expecting this.

You know you’ve done a good job not just when they leave the salon loving their hair, but also when they wash and style their hair at home and are happy with the result.

If you can sell them products that help them look great from one visit to the next, they’ll feel great every day, not just on the day they see you at the salon.

Once your staff understand that it’s not about the sales, but about serving clients, they’ll be much more inclined to talk to clients and make recommendations for maintaining their style.


There’s no harm in asking

When you ask your clients what products they use between visits and whether they are happy with them, you are looking after them and building a stronger relationship with them.

Find out what they usually use and whether they like them. Ask questions and find out as much as you can – they’ll feel flattered that you care enough to ask.

Remember, when you recommend a product the client doesn’t have to buy it. Some will and some won’t, but you’ll know you gave them a choice.


Value your knowledge

You have years of experience and training that your clients don’t have, so be generous with your knowledge! Never assume your clients know everything about taking care of their hair.

Show them how to use new products, and explain why the ones they are already using may not be the best ones for them.



1. Your clients have chosen to come to your salon, so it’s important to give them the best of care.

2. It’s their money and their time – they won’t always want to buy a product, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Lisa Conway

about the author

Lisa Conway is a Business Coach at Zing Business Coaching, helping clients across the hair and beauty industry put the energy back into their business. Lisa works closely with managers and team members to help solve the everyday problems faced in the industry, and make their salons more profitable, personable, and satisfying for clients, staff, and owners.

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